Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Note From the Management

Apologies, readers, for the radio silence of late.  Long-time followers will be aware that this happens from time to time:  I get heavily involved in other stuff, and it takes more and more of my time until I can hardly think straight, let alone blog anything worth reading.  So here we are again!

With things now beginning to ease off, I expect to be back in harness on To September And Beyond at the beginning of December.  My Vow, which at least can’t be less credible than the Daily Record version, is to produce shorter posts on a more frequent basis, which may help me avoid running into the buffers again.  And, where the subject matter demands it, maybe there’ll be the odd post that doesn’t have quite so many jokes in it.  (If the brilliant Frankie Boyle can do it….)

Anyway, please do stay tuned, and in the meantime enjoy the hell out of the aforementioned Mr Boyle, Wee Ginger Dug, Peat Worrier, Bateman and the many others who make the new media the effervescent joy it is.  I’ll see you soon.