Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Aural Diversions

Don't worry, folks, the next blog post will be up before too long , but in the meantime you can find me pontificating about the election campaign, and the porkies politicians and others are coming out with, towards the end of Michael Greenwell's excellent daily "Polling Station" podcasts.

The podcasts also feature Michael having interesting conversations with Ivan McKee, Mark Frankland and Gillian Martin (alias MisssyM), so they're just about the best 9 minutes or thereabouts you can spend.  Join us!

Episode 12: Education

Episode 11: Project Fear 2

Episode 10: SNP Economic Policy

Episode 9: Indyref Mark 2

Episode 8: The House of Lords

All the previous episodes, which don't feature me, but are just as much fun.

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