Friday, 8 May 2015

Wow, Just Wow

Shan't detain you with protracted musings today, readers.  I've only had three hours' sleep and my herd feels like a rhinoceros herd is holding a tap-dancing convention in it.

So this is just to say that To September And Beyond - and isn't the "Beyond" so much more exciting than the September? - will be back early next week, once the dust has settled.  That's how long I have to think up jokes for a whole new cast of characters, many of the existing ones having been consigned to the scrap-heap by the admirable Scottish electorate yesterday.

Fluffy Mundell - this could be your moment.  And, of course, we have Jim and Kezia, still clinging to the life-raft as it drifts inexorably towards the whirlpool.

And we have a majority Tory government.  Seriously, English voters - what in wildfire petrol-fuelled blazes were you thinking?  You had one job, one job....

Enjoy the weekend, folks.  Then come back with all of your friends and let's get tore into the next five years.


  1. morag branson9 May 2015 at 06:44

    Well, that was a jaw-dropping surprise!

    See you after the break...